Growth and Profit Solutions (GPS) Business Diagnostic

Complete the diagnostic to identify the top 3 areas for improvement in order to improve your level of Growth and Profit.
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Step 2 - Complete the diagnostic
Please score each question on a scale of -5 to +5 where -5 is very low and +5 is very high.
Clarity of our business vision / direction?
Existence of a common approach to strategy development within the business?
Clarity of our target market for each of our products / services?
Level to which the current products / services of the business will achieve our growth targets?
Level to which we continuously improve of our internal processes?
Confidence level of the team in our leaderships' ability to achieve our growth / profit targets?
Quality of our website and usage of social media channels suitable to our target market?
The regularity of management reviewing and refining the strategies within the business?
The level of cooperation and trust between our teams, divisions or people?
Quality and consistency of our sales process and sales material?
The level to which we are early adopters of relevant new technologies into the business?
Leaderships' level of motivation to improve the current performance of the business?
Our track record of obtaining regular new referrals from customers?
The quality of our system and process documentation and ease of access by the team?
Our ability to check at any time profit, sales, expenses and cash flow?
The current level of profitability we are achieving in the business?
The level to which we are seen as innovators in our market-place?
The quality of training, coaching and mentoring we provide for our team members?
The quality of our contact program and system with existing / prospective customers?
The quality of our brand awareness and reputation in our target market?
Our business would operate effectively if a key manager was away for a month?
Our control of inefficiency (waste) in our business?
Our historical ability to implement strategies well and consistently hit our targets?
Our ability to attract and retain high quality staff?
The quality and capability of our current sales team to achieve set sales targets?
Click on a business success factor below to view what questions impacted on its score.
Marketing 1
Sales 2
People 3
Profit / Efficiency
Systems / Processes

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